Strange Aloha


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released March 2, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered at RODIMUS PRIME STUDIOS in Victoria BC, Canada between 2016-2017.

All music and lyrics were conceived and performed by Bradley Kurushima.

Original photography by Kara Rogerson.

Original artwork and calligraphy by Erik Volet.



all rights reserved


PRINCE SHIMA Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Roman Candles
When we were young the world was safer.
The only danger was a stranger.
And we'd set off roman candles;
Eyes closed we'd hold them by their handles
'Till they explode

But baby we grew older.
Felt the world upon our shoulders.
I still dream of roman candles.
You've got eyes like roman candles,
When they burn for me.
Track Name: Auld Dark Frog
I was in a bad way / lost my way
I'm sorry to say

Out in the cold / like we've all been
Trying to live with sin

I just called / to wish you / a happy Father's Day X2

Down on my luck / not giving fuck
Hey man could you spare a buck?

Long distance call / Please accept the toll
It's been a long day

I know it's late / and your probably asleep / but I just wanted to say
Things are better now / and I think it's gonna be OK
Track Name: Major Damage
I keep looking over my shoulder
Maybe you'll be there
Just a shadow of who you used to be

You'd be skipping while we're cracking up in school
It's all cool
Now you tell me that you're clean it's all good
Is it all good?

Is there damage between us?
What's come between us?
Are we all good?
Track Name: Crossroads
Hold up! This is a stick up!
The Greatest Pride got strung up.
Wake up! We've got arms to take up.
Burn the world up with this song,
In the flames my heart burns along.

I've been searching for a star in the eastern sky.
From the deepest well up comes a tide.
I've been waiting just to know you by name,
And in my dreams you are calling out just the same.

The Greatest Love / The Greatest Pride
Is a cup that flows for all time.
The Greatest Love / The Greatest Pride
Is a sea that flows far and wide.

I'll meet you at the crossroads.
Track Name: Northern Star
There's water in my bed,
It's waves are swimming 'round my head.
And I can't sweat it out,
Find some dry river's mouth.

I'm on a sea without a northern star.

Yeah, I gave you life again,
Broken pieces back from dead.
Wrapped you tight up in my soul.
Now you'll take me and I go.

I'm on a sea without a northern star.
Track Name: Gordian Knots
What kind of man do you think I am?
Will I be?
Will I sink or swim?
This time I know it's not enough,
Just to love.
Alexander cut the mighty knot that Gordias wrought.

When I was young, I believed in the sword.
I was armoured and with shield.
20 years of cool Pacific air,
I think my skin is moss.
Every stone was once what it is not,
Even iron is lost.
Track Name: Strange Aloha
There's a serpent in my blood,
For I have sinned to cause this flood.
On an ocean of tears I loved a wave,
And in a valley of years I laid her grave.

Isn't this a strange aloha,

'Cause I don't know if we're coming or going.
And I don't know which way the current's flowing.
I don't know where this storm is blowing.
Are those headlights or stars that are flowing?